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Running the site costs thousands of dollars a month in hardware & bandwidth, not to mention all the work I put in. Sure there are some free sites and smaller cuckold & interracial video sites out there, but none that caters exclusively to interracial and cuckold lifestyle and have over 62,000+ videos (3+ year worth of videos if you watched every video 24/7 everyday/allday), plus you have better things to do with you time than surfing & looking for new videos. That's what CuckoldLand is here for, I am here every day making sure everything runs smoothly, and the site is updated daily. Hell some sites want you to pay first before seeing what they really have or they have a couple thousand videos, fuck them , just join CuckoldLand where you know we a shit load of videos and update daily. But, in order to grow CuckoldLand, I see only two options.

As you can see I have chosen Option 2 and I'm sure you'll agree it gives us all a better website.

All I am asking is for you to consider the premium membership. Funds will be invested in hardware and bandwidth; advertising and everything that will help make CuckoldLand one of the best adult cuckold & interracial sites on the net. Don't get me wrong, CuckoldLand will always have free videos but this costs money, a lot of money and CuckoldLand will not make it without your help.


You can also support the the site and get a free membership by uploading your own amateur videos. So upload some videos and be a part of the our community.


Thanks for reading this and I hope you'll try the premium membership soon,

"The Premium  membership is for all the people who like CuckoldLand.  People who want to show their appreciation and who want to continue enjoying it every day. That's it."

To learn more about our services, please see our Help section.


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